Manage Safety through Worker Engagement

Report Incidents and Close-Calls from the Job-Site or Production Floor with a Smartphone or Tablet

Track and Manage Incidents and Close-Calls Comprehensively

Document Inspections in Real-Time and Track Corrective Actions

FINALLY… A simple, software-as-a-service application that provides EHS and safety professionals with a proven set of tools and award-winning software from Sospes.

  • Mobile Inspections and Assessments with Corrective-Action Tracking
  • Incident Reports
  • Close-Call and Hazard Reports from the Field or the Production Floor
  • Online OSHA Log
  • Comprehensive Tracking by Supervisors and Safety Managers
  • Customized, On-Demand Reports

The award-winning mobile and web-based software allows you to collect data about your company through your employees. The interface is easy to use and allows you to report and manage incidents from either mobile devices or a computer.

Use the Software to:

  • Create audit and inspection forms to your specifications.
  • Document inspection fails with photos and comments.
  • Verify that expected processes are happening when required and results are reaching the right people.
  • Report workplace incidents involving injury, property damage, environmental damage, security threats, close calls and suggestions – all in real-time.
  • Comply with OSHA. Generate OSHA logs online.
  • Identify behaviors and conditions that lead to workplace incidents through analytics, helping you develop and implement effective prevention strategies.

The Virtual Safety Professional Service (VSP) provides all of the benefits of the incident reporting and safety auditing software PLUS the additional support of Anfeald’s safety experts to complement your team’s efforts.

Your Dedicated Safety Professional or Can Provide:

  • An initial review of your work comp claims and OSHA recordables
  • Train your employees on how to report incidents and situations using the SOSPES software
  • Respond promptly to system Alerts & Notifications that require attention, helping you determine the best response
  • Monitor your incidents, close calls and suggestions and trend your data quarterly to help you target improvements
  • Answer your questions and assist with regulatory compliance issues
  • Provide additional expert services as needed

VSP services are available as an add-on service to the standard software package.  In addition, many staff-augmentation packages include software access.

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