Safety Consultation

No matter the size of your company, no matter the industry, Anfeald offers a complete range of safety consulting services to help your organization reduce losses, protect employees, comply with regulations and ultimately, save money.


Anfeald provides full-service, one-stop= safety consulting to help clients navigate the regulatory maze and create a safe working environment.

  • Safety and Health Oversight for Construction Projects
  • Combustible Dust Assessments, Dust Characterization, Plans and Procedures
  • Confined Space Characterization/Classification, Permits, Entry/Rescue Plans and Procedures
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Management and Oversight Plans
  • Fire Safety/Fire Code Compliance
  • Hazard-Assessments and Job-Safety Analysis
  • HAZWOPER Plans
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedure Development
  • Needs Assessments
  • OSHA Topical Plans and Programs Development
  • Pre-Construction Safety Design Reviews and Assistance
  • Regulatory and Technical Assistance (Federal and State OSHA)
  • Regulatory and Compliance Support
  • Safety Compliance Assessments
  • Safety Plan and Program Development & Implementation
  • Staff Augmentation Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • Workplace and Construction Job-Site Hazard-Assessments
  • Written Safety Plans Including Job-Site and Project Specific
Health and Industrial Hygiene

Knowing and quantifying workplace hazards is an important first step to creating a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Air Sampling
  • Employee Exposure Assessments
  • General Industrial Hygiene
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Noise Mapping and Dosimetry
  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • Ventilation Assessments
OSHA Representation and Compliance

Is Your Business OSHA-Ready?

When OSHA knocks on your door will you be proud to show off your program because you know it is best-in-class, or are you afraid of what they will find an dhow much it will cost in penalties? An OSHA-ready program proactively addresses hazards and risks, contains best-practice elements and it tackles technical OSHA compliance issues so your operation is safe and compliant.  Anfeald can help you before, during and after an OSHA inspection.  

Don’t wait until OSHA shows up – Get OSHA-ready today!

Before an Inspection

  • Mock OSHA Visits and Preparation
  • Front Line Management, Superintendent and Foreman Training: What to do during an OSHA visit?
  • Compliance and Needs Assessments
  • Hazard Assessments
  • Incident Investigations
  • Holistic Health and Safety Program Development

During an Inspection

  • Assist During Focused, Employee Complaint or Wall-to-Wall Inspections
  • Interface with OSHA Compliance Officers
  • Manage Employee-Complaint Inspections

After an Inspection

  • Citation Reviews and Compliance Assistance
  • Abatement Plan Development and Implementation
  • Informal Conference Representation
Written Safety Plans

Anfeald provides clients with a comprehensive range of plain-language, industry-focused and client-specific plans that simply and elegantly meet your needs.

Many OSHA requirements mandate that employers develop and maintain specific written plans with required content.    Even without these requirements, written plans are important – They contain guidelines, policies, procedures, technical guides expectations and related information that educate employees on requirements and safe work practices.

Whether you need a one-off effort to round out your existing plan, your existing plan needs an overhaul or you need a completely new plan, Anfeald can help.

Need an ISNetworld, PICS or PEC-compliant plan?  No problem.  We can help.

OUR INTEGRATED ONE-STOP SHOPPING APPROACH.  Anfeald doesn’t just generate plans – We also provide compliance and technical support, safety training and OSHA-based medical surveillance.  We can even help with implementation.

Contractor Registration Systems

At Anfeald, we don’t just check the box and we’re not desk-jockeys.  We are real safety and health professionals and we will work with you to get your account compliant.  Do you have a training or plan need?  No problem, we can help!

  • ISNetworld, PICS, PEC Premier Registration/Application Assistance
  • Work with Insurance Brokers and Carriers to Update Insurance
  • Ongoing Account Maintenance
  • Compliant Safety Plans and Plan Updates
  • Related Training and Plans
Workers' Compensation

Anfeald helps client’s manage their workers’ compensation claims and premiums, saving them thousands of dollars.  When was the last time you looked at your workers’ compensation program?

  • Claims-Management Assistance
  • Workers’ Compensation Data and Trend Evaluations
  • Premium Management
  • Return-to-Work and Work Comp Admin Plans
  • Premium Cost-Containment Certification
Environmental Compliance

Anfeald can help you comply with environmental regulations and compliance issues including:

  • Air Permits
  • Compliance Assistance (Federal, State and Local)
  • Environmental Compliance Needs Assessments
  • Hazardous Material Management Plans (HMMP)
  • Hazardous Waste Program Development
  • Hazardous Waste Compliance Assessments
  • Stormwater Permits
  • Wastewater Pre-Treatment and Slug-Discharge Control Permits and Plans

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